This is the System that i use and its
working for me! it can work for you too!
About Our Debt-do-cation Advisors Services 

           My Debt-do-cation Advisors Group offers credit repair, debt settlement relief ,Debt Acceleration 
                  ,stop foreclosure and help establishing new lines of credit. Our services 
are available individually, 
         or you can integrate them into one effective service:
"My Relief Debt Education Fresh Start Program™." 

Credit Repair Services
             We will challenge any information you feel is inaccurate. If it can’t be verified, it must be 
          removed from your credit report. 

Debt Settlement Services

                We help negotiate accurate collections and charge-offs affecting your credit score-sometimes 
               for pennies on the dollar. 

  Our Relief Debt Education Fresh Start Program™." 

             Our Fresh Start Program includes credit repair, debt negotiation settlement and help establishing new
        lines of credit. This is truly a fresh start.

Our Debt Accelerator Elimination Program™ 

               This program is a program that can teach consumers how to Accelerate and Eliminate their debts 
                 with their own Credit cards or with the Equity of their property by intergrating their work income. 
                    This is a great program to pay-off your debts and mortgage and secure your 
                 property and later invest to build wealth.